Impeachment Solstice!

Impeachment Solstice! Birth of Citizen Trickster – Keeper of Democracy, arising from Impeachment Solstice ashes. Caroline welcomes long-time astro*mytho ally, Sabian Symbols Scholar, animator of Chiron, Dale O’Brien. Chiron is the first Mythological Mentor Centaur.

Mentors be the antidote to Dementors!

Welcome, Chiron! King Arthur! High John de Conqueror, all Mythic Beings who descended a maiden, now returning Initiated Wolf Women/ Wrathful Dakinis to help us toss Corruption into the Cauldron, and ladle out Wise Governance, dedicated to collective well-being….

Dale O’Brien is a mythologically-oriented astrologer, Astro*Carto*Grapher and dream listener. His greatest astrology teacher is Mother Earth. Free e-newsletter: Astrology’s MINORITY REPORT (*) Venus-wired landline: 541 485 9772 in green Eugene Oregon. In person or telephone consultations.

*12/19/2019 Note: Dale’s website is currently being transferred to a new server, likely re-activation on Solstice


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