Listening to Ayahuasca (Replay)

Caroline, in the Bay Area, whose fire-ravaged land
 is covered by a ghostly shroud, does a brief live intro and outro to a re-play of our 8.24 show,
“Listening to Ayahuasca,” with Dr. Rachel Harris, because, like Caroline, she will be presenting at the Bioneers Conference this weekend.
And it’s a great show.

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Listening to Ayahuasca (Replay)

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8.24 Show Description: Hosting one of Grandmother Ayahuasca’s voices, Dr. Rachel Harris, author of “Listening to Ayahuasca – new hope for depression, addiction, ptsd, anxiety;” that our rogue species may be guided to return to conscious kinship.


  1. Hi. First of all-day you for posting this interview. I had the privledge of reading this book over the Summer and I recently sought therapy to guide me through my personal journey I am taking with plant medicine. I have seen the therapist twice and she has already requested I stop my plant medicine therapy…and has also cautiously diagnosed me with severe anxiety, depression and possible mood disorder. Now-I am not saying she is wrong persay. I have struggled for years with all of those things and have suffered, but I have had positive change with the therapy I have been doing on my own, but do think…would benefit from a guide. I currently located in Maryland, is there any chance…there is a therapist here I could reach out to? I really so not wanna sacrifice the work I have done this far…I want to move forward…

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