Festival of Evolution

Caroline in Yalova, Turkey


Caroline is in Turkey, but has sent us this gem of a talk she delivered on February 14, 1995 at the historic ‘Cycles and Symbols Conference’ in San Francisco… It is titled “Festival of Evolution,” and is remarkably pertinent to us all now.

We gives thanks to ally Weston McMillan, who was an agent of its rising from archival midden heap, as Juiter retrograde is proffering so many hidden treasures from our Lives’ journey.

Caroline will return live next week with guest Tom Meecham, and the subject will be “Liberating Esoteric Islam.”

As always, one may connect with Caroline via CoyoteNetworkNews.com
on Twitter @Standupcoyote


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“Festival of Evolution”

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  1. I only just crossed paths with your tremendous works. I’m ingesting the signs coming at this croossing and feel compelled to tell you of a dream I had in 2001. Iwas living alone with my dog, Trinity in the South central desert of Utah. In the dream I was at the same place where I was in the physical, a short distance from my camp. It was nighttime in the dream and I saw a group of 10 figures circled around a campfire. The figures were nearly 15 ft. tall and were swaying slightly and chanting or speaking in a language I didn’t know. Out of curiosity I drew closer to see if I could make out what they were saying. Suddenly they broke circle in a way that allowed the firelight to illuminate me and my postion. It was at that moment that I realized that I was a small, skinny and young coyote. The figures were all looking at me and I felt just a wiff of fear when they communicated to me clearly, “It’s ok that you’re here, it’s good because you are the reason we are here.” And then the dream ended and I awoke to a ravens cawing and the first peak of sunrise. I have never before or since been a coyote in a dream or vision. For obvious reasons, this is my first sharing with you. Peace to you and much appreciation for your messages about the trickster. <3

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