Dream News

Dream News! Tis a description and an exhortation (and title of just now and more soon council)

Caroline hosts Tom Cheetham,

“a rogue scholar of the imagination in esoteric Islam
interweaving the planes of the real into his continuous and wonderfully whacked-out song.” – Joseph Donahue

author of (many books, including) “Imaginal Love – The meanings of Imagination in Henry Corbin and James Hillman”

Ancestor Ally Mentors, the likes of Hillman, Henri Corbin, and Jung excavated and crafted keys which they are now handing to us. So let’s put the keys in the locks, and tease erudition into pertinent practice, the world being on fire, and all..

Tom :”There is an open field of reality accessible to us through the imagination.”

Wonder, Curiosity, and Willingness partner with Imagination to open portals of participatory cahooting between worlds….
Because we humans cannot resolve any of the innumerable cruel conundrums we have imposed on our kin – by ourselves. Tis by ourselves that got us it into this pickle.

Participatory Animism, Biomimicry, Mutual Aid – the way to go….



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