(11.02.18) Mythic News: Election Eve Liberating Magic & more – Monday Trickster Open House

The more the merrier the magick! Come telepathically, virtually gather on Election Eve, to compost dread in Pluto’s Cauldron, and ladle out calm, sane dedicated influential liberating Woof! Election-Eve ° Dark of Moon ° Liberating Magic  Trickster Training Council  November 5th · 6 pm pt / 9 pm et · … [Read more...]

(10.18.18) Rousing Carolingian Tour – Open Secret and Bioneers & telepathic pertinence to all! 

    Rousing Carolingian Tour - Open Secret and Bioneers  & telepathic pertinence to all!  Ugghh - precedes Aahhhh! "Speak to the weary - a word that will rouse them." (Isaiah)   Caroline's "Beauty … [Read more...]

Harvest Moon Equinoctial Council, Mythic News, & Deals!

    Animating the Disciplined Wild Beautiful Trickster Genius, within us all and without... = On-going dedication - tonight, (focused specificity) and in vast perpetuity... ​​​​​​​ in myriad micro and macro … [Read more...]

Mythic News of Now & UAC & Turkey! Dance & whirl + Summer Solstice gig

    Yo Team, fellow agents of the powerful magic that comes in dangerous times, may it be so! Our rogue species is being generously proffered astro*mytho opportunities to rejoin the Choreography of Creation.  * Uranus … [Read more...]

Mythic News of Now! Way of Trickster begins tomorrow! (Shift be the aegis) UAC & Turkey!

    The path opens yet again to long-time allies, and new, yip-yip! to follow... The Way of the Trickster Calling all those dedicated to cultivating and contributing their … [Read more...]