(10.07.2019 Newsletter) Brewing Underworld Medicine tour – live tomorrow Power of Inner Connection

Magic is a willingness to cooperate with everything! Hades and Persephone, Apulian red-figure amphora (c. 4th C BCE) We all be really workin'  - to metaphorically cooperate with our customized and collective Underworld. "Redemption lies in brewing Medicine for others.” I am setting forth on my … [Read more...]

(8.26.2019 Newsletter) Reciprocal Blessing Mythic Magic News – Dark o Moon

Ceres Demeter (Roman, Augustan pd) Yo fellow aspiring agents of Liberating Trickster! (at this time of Dire Beauty etc)   Here we be 21 days later, from my initial storytelling/magnetizing of support… for the daunting, but worthy, journey, which I am literally and metaphorically navigating. That was double dose chemo … [Read more...]

(6.04.19 Newsletter) New Moon Mythic News – Mythic Bargains!

  Etruscan Dancing, painting from the Grotta del Triclinio, Corneto  Yo fellow incarnationally coinciding allies, All in this dream Dancing ourselves back into the Choreography of Creation May it be so We want everyone magnetized … [Read more...]

(3.26.2019 Newsletter) Mythic News, Mythic Bargains-Opportunities, Mythic Adventures… 

  Harmonia macrocosmica Andreas Cellarius 1660 We are all in this Dream together. Let’s honor the guiding meta-story that resonates within us all… Just as we have endogenous receptors for … [Read more...]

(2.23.19 Newsletter) Free Sunday Webinar on Astro*Mytho Now into May Full Moon in Turkey & Mythic News of Now

“Horoscope of Prince Iskander" Zodiac c 1384 Yo Team, Gonna take Magic: Trickster’s astro*mytho*politico guiding narrative (be an on-going self-cultivating meme I am spiraling into memosphere) It’s wheel and deal time with all beings. Bartering back-stage for onstage miracles. Let all that we love be our accomplices in a … [Read more...]