True Lammas

To animate True Lammas (exact mid-season, one of the 4 cross-quarter holy days, Gates of Power) today! Caroline welcomes Star Hawk, indefatigable pragmatic mystic, that we may call in the Power to animate the desirable, in accord with Dion Fortune, holding steady to a vision of the desirable outcome…no matter what, tis our default … [Read more...]

Spiral Dance Radio!

Caroline welcomes long-time ally - of all life - indefatigable Pragmatic Mystic, Star Hawk. "This is our 40th anniversary Spiral Dance— It is exciting to be part of something that has lasted so long!" "Intention: To reclaim the golden thread of magic that spans time, and draw from the lessons of the past to weave a just and vibrant … [Read more...]

Animating the Earth

Caroline welcomes long-time ally, sane reverent pragmatic mystic, Starhawk - that we may suck the chi from dystopia, and exhale that chi into the desirable story, before this potent Pentecostal Sunday/Solstice, as Neptune stations, Jupiter at perigee…. We shall animate the mythic strategies being so generously proffered to our sketchy … [Read more...]

Halloween-Election Radio

Caroline hosts long-time ally, Starhawk, author, perma-culture animist, that we may paint doors in the walls of the Reality Police to open democratic animism wheel and deal between worlds.   Upcoming Events from Starhawk ~ Oct 27: Reclaiming Dance (Richmond, CA) ~ Oct 28: Modern Witches Confluence (San Francisco, … [Read more...]

Demons As Incentives Towards Freedom

First half: Caroline hosts Rahmaan Hussein Mwongozi, author of "Inner Demons- Blazing a path towards happiness." How he continues to "leverage his inner demons to attain success," from hard scrabble Oakland to financial big time in the corporate world... the adventure be ongoing.   We then pass the baton to Star Hawk, whom Caroline will … [Read more...]