Election Magic Radio

  Caroline hosts long-time indefatigable ally of all life, Star Hawk, whose life-long dedication has been a syncretizing of the political magical realms: myriad ways to participate. Let’s feel ourselves in resonant accord with the Choreography of … [Read more...]

Stirring the Solstice Cauldron

Caroline be Stirring the Solstice Cauldron with long-time ally Star Hawk at this waxing Full Moon, Venus and Chiron stationing time to gather all our woof for this dangerous Beautiful Time… Launching our Nuance and Tolerance Party, our unfurling Saturnalia….. where we dedicate to being agents of “Cool!”   Starhawk’s Solstice … [Read more...]

Confluencing of Allies, to protect water, become like water…

Confluencing of Allies, to protect water, become like water… Caroline welcomes Starhawk, who be filing her scouting report, upon returning from the 1000 Grandmothers group in Minnesota, to stop the Line 3 pipeline which is threatening the pristine lakes where wild rice grows and the headwaters of the … [Read more...]

Power of effective dedication ~ Saturn stationing

Caroline welcomes denizen of Yosemite, Ron Kauk, who lives in El Portal, the doorway, which is deft because today we get to open portals between worlds, to suffuse the memosphere with sane reverent common sense. “Ron Kauk is a legendary Yosemite climber. He recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his many accomplishments, within and … [Read more...]

Earth Day * Democratic Animism Now!

  Chauvinism is found guilty ~ Earth Day ~ Waxing Buddha’s Full Moon astro*mytho guiding narrative, Democratic Animism now! Caroline welcomes the return of most skookum Star Hawk! That Responsive Reverent ingenuity assume cultural narrative lead…   Star Hawk proffers (tonight!) Ritual of Renewal for Earth Day: Live Webinar … [Read more...]