Waxing Halloween Full Moon election Radio

Starhawk (Credit- Stephan Readmond)

Halloween Full Moon election: Caroline hosts quintessential activist-animist, long-time ally, of all life, Star Hawk, that we may dedicate to calm steady vision of the desirable.


Alert active reverie. “Focusing on the danger is freedom,” says last week’s guest Ron Kauk, great rock-climber guide, when climbing sheer cliff wall, or protecting democracy… Voting on behalf of all life, all separated children, all forests, all water, all Octopus Teachers…


All is gliding into place as we align with the opening portals of to and fro between worlds, maintaining dedicated dynamic effective calm, composting corruption into nutrient for democracy, that this country emerge from the Death Re-birth Cauldron with dedicated ingenious altruism.


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“Full Moon Halloween”

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