Gemini Solar Eclipse-Liberating Language

Gemini Solar Eclipse-Liberating Language Caroline welcomes the return of Miguel Rivera who collaborated with Mentor Mahout Fran Quinn, to craft translations of their Beloved Poet ally, Humberto Ak’abal, K'iche' Maya poet from Guatemala, recognized globally as voice for indigenous Guatemalan poetry and arts. Miguel remarks on the untimely … [Read more...]

Sacred Fire to Cool Out Conflagration

Caroline welcomes collaborative ally, Miguel Rivera, keeper of sacred fire to cool out conflagration, that we may spiral out of hot polarity via our dedication. “Whatever we came to do – now would be good!” Cultivating Earth Citizenship, by Contributing Our Gifts & Magnetizing Liberating Trickster to animate them… Miguel is an … [Read more...]

Venus and Mars dancing back into dynamic collaborative cahooting balance for the good of all beings!

Men Transforming Men Transforming Men Transforming Caroline welcomes fellow allies Miguel Rivera and Ed Tick, presenters at the Minnesota Men's Conference. Dr. Edward Tick, author of "War and the Soul" and founder of Soldier's Heart, is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in veterans with PTSD. Ed has been in … [Read more...]