Gemini Solar Eclipse-Liberating Language

Gemini Solar Eclipse-Liberating Language

Caroline welcomes the return of Miguel Rivera

who collaborated with Mentor Mahout Fran Quinn, to craft translations of their Beloved Poet ally, Humberto Ak’abal, K’iche’ Maya poet from Guatemala, recognized globally as voice for indigenous Guatemalan poetry and arts. Miguel remarks on the untimely death of Humberto in January 2019. “All I am moved to add at this time is that his poems are needed even more today given the monumental task we have ahead of us in restoring elegance, beauty, eloquence, grace and civility to the world in the years to come.”

In the Courtyard of the Moon, published by Tia Chucha Press

Let’s understand how a poetic voice emerges from the cruel faux underworld of humans, who were missing the whole point of life,
(Guatemala 1956-1995)- Ak’abal carries the language of delving into the poison, whereby to be diagnosing and proffering the antidote… Re-minding us of the liberating language of collaborative kinship.

Miguel: “When a country suffers from constant waves of violence, it is reflected in the collective at a high level of numbness and disori-entation. Many things are left unattended, roads, buildings, bridges, houses, and people. There is no reliable system of laws. The courts are corrupt, making the law of the gun prevail where common sense and respect for human life had been the norm.”

Onward to re-weaving the fabric of creation.

Re-member when Hercules was destroying the world with rampages (uninitiated Mars) – the gods sentenced him to the Underworld to learn spinning, knitting, and weaving.

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