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Caroline welcomes fellow allies Miguel Rivera and Ed Tick, presenters at the Minnesota Men’s Conference.

Dr. Edward Tick, author of “War and the Soul” and founder of Soldier’s Heart, is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in veterans with PTSD. Ed has been in private psychotherapy practice since 1975 and began focusing on veteran’s issues in 1979. His pioneering work with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or, in his words, ‘loss of the soul’, is the basis for his recent book “War and the Soul”. He continues his healing work with veterans and other trauma survivors with innovative yet time-honored methods. Ed has extensively studied both classical Greek and Native American traditions and integrates their methods into modern clinical work. A widely published writer, he is also the author of “The Golden Tortoise: Journeys in Viet Nam”, “Sacred Mountain: Encounters of the Vietnam Beast”, and “The Practice of Dream Healing: Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine”.

Miguel Rivera: a musician and drummer, is a man who is in love with the language of sound. He has helped introduce Humberto Ak’abal to new audiences and has been helping nurture community and preserve the rich cultural traditions of his heritage throughout his activities. He resides in California and teaches throughout the country.

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