Syncretizing Science, Art, and Spirit

  Waxing Full Moon-Opening the Dakini portals!…. Caroline welcomes Jennet Inglis, practitioner of Chöd, dedicated to tracking the Wrathful and Peaceful Dakinis, back to their original liberating impulse, before Tibetan Buddhist orthodoxy made then ”pretty.”…When they were beautiful! woofy, part woman, part animal…original party … [Read more...]

Art Metabolizing Toxin into Tonic

On this Waxing Full Moon Taurus-Scorpio - Lunar Eclipse, Caroline welcomes extremophile ally, Jennet Inglis, that we may do radio magic to call in those Intelligences who know how to metabolize toxins into tonics… that we all may be tapped into the choreography of Dancing with Demons. Jennet is an extreme genius autistic: her life’s-work is the … [Read more...]