Art Metabolizing Toxin into Tonic

On this Waxing Full Moon Taurus-Scorpio – Lunar Eclipse, Caroline welcomes extremophile ally, Jennet Inglis, that we may do radio magic to call in those Intelligences who know how to metabolize toxins into tonics… that we all may be tapped into the choreography of Dancing with Demons.

Jennet is an extreme genius autistic: her life’s-work is the exploration of the fertile byways between science, spirituality, and fine-art. Jennet is also a visionary savant.  Today in addition to her thousands of paintings and drawings Jennet’s visions are being developed into projects that the public can utilize as healing tools to enhance their own lives: MAGNITUDE, God Particles n’us, the God Wars Memorial and the Dakini mandala. Jennet, her wife and muse, and two small dogs live and work in a bird sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. You can view her work at

Jennet’s inspiration to paint the twenty-five-piece mandala of the Vajra Dakini Simhamukha came in a pure vision received two months after first encountering the Dakinis in 1988. The Simhamukha mandala has never been painted in the East, and had not been painted in the West until now. You can read more about the Dakinis here:


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“Art Metabolizing Toxin into Tonic”

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