Syncretizing Science, Art, and Spirit


Vajra Dakini, Jennet Inglis

Waxing Full Moon-Opening the Dakini portals!….
Caroline welcomes Jennet Inglis, practitioner of Chöd, dedicated to
tracking the Wrathful and Peaceful Dakinis, back to their original liberating impulse, before Tibetan Buddhist orthodoxy made then ”pretty.”…When they were beautiful! woofy, part woman, part animal…original party animal…
and offers them, through her craft, a portal through which they may enter the world….
at this Time of Dire Beauty
where we welcome all help to transmute poison – toxin – into tonic…
What did this want to be – before bamboozled by taming “orthodoxy”… (“straight teaching”)…
We like our teaching curvy and undulating – thankyou.

Syncretizing Science, Art, and Spirit, she spirals forth manuscripts, thousands of paintings, heretical Tankas, sculptures, that travel an increasingly welcoming world

Celebrating the Primordial Feminine: Transforming Anger into Compassionate Wrath Article ~


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“Syncretizing Science, Art, and Spirit”

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