Feels like Justice!

  We begin the year with inspiring, effective kick butt protection of life, as Caroline welcomes the return of indefatigable, dedicated ally - Diane Wilson, Sea Drift Texas fisher-woman-activist, recently triumphant, “This feels like Justice!” legal victory over Formosa Plastics! "TRLA said the $50 million settlement is the largest in … [Read more...]

Medicine of Kick-Butt

The cultivated Medicine of Kick-Butt ornery defiant effective creative dedication to protect what we love. Caroline hosts long-time mega-ally, indefatigable Diane Wilson, her spectacular hard won case against Formoso plastic, organizing on the Texas border for the children, parents, all of … [Read more...]

Defiant Beauty – at a time of Volatile Hyper-Yang Death Frenzy toxicity

More than perfectly, with Jupiter at the "Woman Activist gives rousing speech on behalf of the earth," Caroline welcomes fantabulous ally, Seadrift, Texas mega-activist, fellow Council of Unreasonable Women co-cahooter Diane Wilson, that we may cover all things Texas, poisonous, explosive, and dedicate to beauty rising from the ashes of destruction … [Read more...]