Hungerstrike: Clean Water at Home and Beyond

Caroline welcomes rapid return of Diane Wilson, in reciprocal blessing for her effective dedication…and protection…at this time when the dead are eager to speak and intervene…. indefatigable ally in perpetuity Diane Wilson, “Hey Caroline , I’m on Hungerstrike in ditch front of formosa plastics texas. Come and levitate the plant. Seriously. I … [Read more...]

All Souls: Back-channels Opening

  All Souls - back-channels opening - for us all, to call in that which is more powerfully wise than our rogue species… Three Librans convening with Day of the Dead, All Souls, True Halloween - “A Libra is just an Aries that’s been to charm school!” (Jay Jacobs) Caroline hosts fellow politically engaged astrologer, Rachel Lang, … [Read more...]

Full Moon · Max Midstream Goes Quiet

Full Moon Tide of Effective Wrathful Dakinis, Caroline hosting Diane Wilson returning with the dedicated Trickster woof that she inspires and encourages in all of us; that, against all odds composts dementor despoiling tyranny…into nutrient for the Community of All Beings. The Sun’s Image today is “Men toiling in a dark pit- a woman calmly … [Read more...]

Stop the Money Pipeline and Defund Formosa

  Reckless Greed is trending, May it serve as an incentive for the necessary re-design of our cultural infrastructure, Stop the Money Pipeline and Defund Formosa, by uniting with with formidable, dedicated Women: Caroline welcomes Sharon Lavigne and Long-time ally Diane Wilson.   Credit: Goldman Environmental Foundation Sharon … [Read more...]

Protecting Lavaca Bay

Caroline hosts the indefatigable Diane Wilson on her 22nd day of fasting to protect Lavaca Bay from nefarious destruction. End oil exports now… We gather in radio magic to support our team-mate, with telepathic electrolytes, and that her dedication be effective….. “I am risking my life to stop this project because it would destroy my … [Read more...]