Stop the Money Pipeline and Defund Formosa

  Reckless Greed is trending, May it serve as an incentive for the necessary re-design of our cultural infrastructure, Stop the Money Pipeline and Defund Formosa, by uniting with with formidable, dedicated Women: Caroline welcomes Sharon Lavigne and Long-time ally Diane Wilson.   Credit: Goldman Environmental Foundation Sharon … [Read more...]

Protecting Lavaca Bay

Caroline hosts the indefatigable Diane Wilson on her 22nd day of fasting to protect Lavaca Bay from nefarious destruction. End oil exports now… We gather in radio magic to support our team-mate, with telepathic electrolytes, and that her dedication be effective….. “I am risking my life to stop this project because it would destroy my … [Read more...]

Feels like Justice!

  We begin the year with inspiring, effective kick butt protection of life, as Caroline welcomes the return of indefatigable, dedicated ally - Diane Wilson, Sea Drift Texas fisher-woman-activist, recently triumphant, “This feels like Justice!” legal victory over Formosa Plastics! "TRLA said the $50 million settlement is the largest in … [Read more...]

Medicine of Kick-Butt

The cultivated Medicine of Kick-Butt ornery defiant effective creative dedication to protect what we love. Caroline hosts long-time mega-ally, indefatigable Diane Wilson, her spectacular hard won case against Formoso plastic, organizing on the Texas border for the children, parents, all of … [Read more...]

Defiant Beauty – at a time of Volatile Hyper-Yang Death Frenzy toxicity

More than perfectly, with Jupiter at the "Woman Activist gives rousing speech on behalf of the earth," Caroline welcomes fantabulous ally, Seadrift, Texas mega-activist, fellow Council of Unreasonable Women co-cahooter Diane Wilson, that we may cover all things Texas, poisonous, explosive, and dedicate to beauty rising from the ashes of destruction … [Read more...]