Protecting Lavaca Bay

Kayakers from across the state gather to support Diane

Caroline hosts the indefatigable Diane Wilson on her 22nd day of fasting to protect Lavaca Bay from nefarious destruction. End oil exports now…

We gather in radio magic to support our team-mate, with telepathic electrolytes, and that her dedication be effective…..

“I am risking my life to stop this project because it would destroy my community’s fisheries, our climate, and our way of life,” said Diane Wilson. “Stopping this oil export project should be a no brainer for a President that cares about environmental justice and the climate.”

Diane and her truck, Rosie, in Lavaca Bay, on day on of her hunger strike, which began April 7th.

Shrimper begins hunger strike to pressure Biden Administration to withdraw Matagorda Bay, TX dredging permit for oil exports (Earthworks)

For the Bay, from the Heart (Sierra Club)

View petition here:

Post contact of Col. Timothy R. Vail

Galveston Dist
US Army Corps of Engineers
PO Box 1229
Galveston, TX 77553-1229

Galveston District Public Affairs Office / Army Corps of Engineers email:

Please send an email to Col. Timothy Vail (bio here) and ask him to stop the Matagorda Ship Channel dredging project!!

(Lavaca Bay is a northwestern extension of the Matagorda Bay system)

We are inviting him to sane reverent common sense. Thank you!

You can also write in via Code Pink here.


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Diane Wilson is a fourth-generation shrimper from Seadrift, Texas. She became involved in environmental issues in 1989 when she learned of neighbors’ health problems, dolphin die-offs and reduced fishery catches, and found that Calhoun County topped the list of most polluted counties in the United States, per the Toxic Release Inventory.

With San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeepers, Diane Wilson successfully sued Formosa Plastics Corp., for their discharge of plastic pellets into the Bay. The settlement included $50 million for funding of environmental projects in the local area, the largest citizen CWA settlement. Formosa has also accepted a zero-discharge goal, with full recycling of their wastewater stream.

Her work on behalf of the people and aquatic life of Seadrift, Texas, has won her a number of awards including: National Fisherman Magazine Award, Mother Jones’s Hell Raiser of the Month, Louis Gibbs’ Environmental Lifetime Award, Louisiana Environmental Action (LEAN) Environmental Award, Giraffe Project, Jenifer Altman Award, and the Bioneers Award.


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  1. Adaline Jyurovat says

    If this is of interest, there is a water issue/population expansion/massive construction project by Denver Water. Denver Water has a rather troublesome past. What this will do to water on the western slope is scary.

    Save Boulder County — Stop Gross Dam Expansion

    Appeal Filed to Sustain Colorado River Flows and Stop Gross Dam Expansion – Waterkeeper

    news article:
    Controversy over Denver Water’s Gross Reservoir expansion offers a glimpse into water woes in the West

    May you be well,
    Addi Jyurovat
    Boulder, CO

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