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26 Mar 2016

Trickster Medicine & Astrological Magic:

Becoming an Agent for Liberation
​​​​​​​& a Co-operator with Nature’s Guiding Genius.

On Saturday, March 26, the day before Easter, Saturn stationing, (“Internal dedication magnetizes external opportunity”) Caroline Casey, will further animate Trickster, who liberates us from doom and gloom during this FREE online event.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

The Intelligence “Trickster” lives in all of us, awaiting our call. When we animate Trickster, we do not stay depressed by the status quo (no matter how dreadful), but instead continuously seek creative and fun ways to liberate ourselves and our world from outdated ideas, habits, and ideals.

Trickster energy creates positive change in unpredictable and witty ways that free us from old habits.
Coyote tosses lightning at the closed story loop, turning it into a spiral…

On Saturday, March 26, I will unfurl the ways Trickster can free us from the tyranny of “doom and gloom” during my FREE online event, Trickster Medicine & Astrological Magic: Becoming an Agent for Liberation & a Co-operator with Nature’s Genius.

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Trickster Magic is the magic that comes in dangerous times.
Now is a dangerous time.
During this one-hour virtual “frolick,” I will guide us into the heart of Trickster Medicine and Astrological Magic. We’ll discover…

  • The difference between mere superstition and authentic ritual magic.
  • Why Trickster is NOTHING like the con man (HINT: the con man imprisons while the trickers liberates).
  • How to love disharmony back into harmony and expand our capacity to cooperate with the living qualities of nature.
  • The entry point to the field of synchronicity and how to avail ourselves of its power.
  • And so much more!

When we ally with Trickster, we free up creative life force within us, and that’s when you can affect REAL change in the world.

Spiritual seekers, veteran activists, and curious evolutionaries, all are welcome. Encouraging our willingness to co-cavort with me on a path to a more magical world, where it’s politics as unusual and the future is much, much brighter…

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  1. Betty (Abena) Appleby says

    As a former Jean Houston Mystery School student. I look forward to the virtual training. Thank you.

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