Trickster Council: Dream News!

18 Jul 2023

Dream News!

Tis a description and an exhortation!
The “news” is our Dream,

so let’s participate in dreaming the desirable world into being…

Trickster, within us all,
Dreams the News!


A Caravan of Dreams – in Vessels – setting forth
into this Wild Summer Swoosh…


Robert Gonzalves


Magnetizing all who feel to be accomplices…


July 18th – August 15th, 2023

5 week council (Zoom or Phone)

Tuesdays at ** Updated Time** 9 pm eastern / 6 pm pacific


$148 (number adds to fun 13)

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let us be dream interpreters, intimate with the world by being able to read it symbolically, as though a dream …

Pragmatic Mystics, dedicated diviners….

Here be a for instance of our “dream news”…
spookily humming with our first convening…

When the Titanic went down, April 15, 1912
(We have exact time)
Pluto was at 27+ Gemini, and the Moon was at 27+ Pisces….

When the Titan imploded, June 18, 2023
(we have exact time)
Sun was at 27 Gemini and Neptune was at 27 Pisces…

(will more deeply delineate the astounding charts in our first council July 18th… 9 pm edt, 6 pm pdt)

We explore what the Sea is yearning to communicate to us….
dis-aster =- “against the stars”
Con-sider = “with the stars…”

So we gather to consider, to avert greater disaster…

And we felt/feel the discrepancy of so much human attention and help focused on 5 people, (all kinned compassion be with them…and their horrific last 20 minutes of life,
and all beings)
as 650 migrants drowned, with relatively little collective compassionate competent

Further Dream News…
Many of those migrants’ bodies have been, washing up on the shores of Greece, near the Island of Kos, site of one of the earliest Aesclepions, founded by Mythic Chiron,
place of astrological teachings, Dream incubation, healing and theatre…

The Mythic Dream News:
“The Modern world’s cruel crisis is washing up on the ruins of that which would heal it…”

As a lover of astrology since, well forever, early teens…
studying myriad divinatory esoteric teachings, the power of symbols

When I finessed my way back to Brown University, I majored in “semiotics” as my cover – how all of creation is organized symbolically…

Etymology: “symbolic” from sym and bol = “to throw together.”

So either we have a participatory cahooting with the symbolic –
or the world be


Grand trine in water with MC….
we explore the dangerous genius of Grand trines…

O, so very trippy….
Same MC – 26+ Scorpio as in the Titanic chart, related Grand trine in water…

woof woof swoosh*swoosh*wanna*play?!


Such as: Birth info (time, date, location) · Previous Councils you've joined, ours or others · Dreaming practice, News relationship



  1. Priscilla Poupore says

    Yee Haw for Howlabrations and revelations

  2. Katherine Dickson says

    Blessings being received by all of us.

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