Inspiring Women with Soul

1 May 2016 until 8 May 2016

Inspiring Women with Soul

Free Online Gathering
May 1-8, 2016

Let’s connect with women whose gift is to guide us to our gifts…

May our inner and outer match…”Here’s me – here’s the structure of my life- do they match? does the outer form support our inward contibution.” Let’s wake up each morning, feeling deeply “yes- they match! Enthusiasm for the day ahead? Nothing can stop us now!” That our language, metaphor, story be in accord with our dedicated hearts.

inspiring-womenIf our inner wise animal daemon responds with “Yip-Yip!” then here we go: invitation for you! (and all the women in your life, “women who eat like the wolves – and the men who love them!”)

Join me, along with other awe-inspiring, trail-blazing women, for Inspiring Women with Soul — where we’ll be sharing the essential keys for living a full-on replenished and replenishing life, fueled by passion and purpose!

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I’m honored to be among 30+ inspiring visionary women— including luminaries like (me!) Caroline W Casey, Alice Walker, Jean HoustonMarianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Shiva Rea, Danielle LaPorte, Lisa Nichols, Sera Beak and so many others!

We’ll share insights and practices that can put us on a path to personal fulfillment by Contributing to planetary healing. A path of cultivating out unique contributions to collective solutions .

We’ll be joining a global community of more than 80,000 women — a community of powerful, kindred souls, who celebrate oour heart’s desires and challenge us to live out our highest calling!

I hope you’ll participate in this unique online series presented by The Shift Network.

Register here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge!

During this unparalleled 8-day gathering of women, you’ll discover:

  • Key practices for self-acceptance & “Speak truth-be power.”
  • Animating our leadership & service skills, dedicated to collective well-being.
  • An expanding emotional repertoire-including a “Queen Serene confident sustained sense of peace & love”- even when journeomg in the Underworld
  • Increasing our ability to flex & flow with all of life’s kerfuffles
  • Ways to increase your confidence, self-love & self-care

Let’s quicken our purpose so we can partner best with Nature.

inspiring-women2Tis time for Strong Venus (Beauty is Powerful) to initiate Mars, inviting the return of the Wise Yang Green Man, as antidote to hyper-yang-Mars death frenzy.  Woof-Woof! dedicated to Harmony…

Our passion and our wisdom are vital for  re-solving the dangerous rudeness our species has imposed on our kin— all the unnecessary stupidities of poverty, slavery, animal imprisonment, violence, political corruption (as the root of all terrorism), environmental destruction- all resulting from our out-sourcing leadership to sociopathic ding-bats who have lost all soulful sense of guiding kinship…-Until Now! May it be so!)

Join women from around the world, and together we’ll write the next chapter of history and co-create a brighter future for the girls who’ll one day be the next generation of inspiring women — and all of humanity.

Register here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge!


Caroline Casey

PS — Here’s what women have shared from our previous Inspiring Women gatherings:

I’m absolutely loving listening to the recordings of this summit… So many beautiful inspiring stories and the music warms my heart and makes me smile. Thanks for creating a place for us to learn and be inspired to follow our hearts and purpose…

— Astrid Roussety

I am fascinated as I discover that all women around the globe share the same needs, feelings and aspirations, and have the inner power to sustain good life for their loved ones and inspire those beyond boundaries of culture, time and space. I am an Egyptian woman from Cairo who can relate to everything being said and who is deeply moved by the resonant power of women’s voices and self-determination despite their struggles.

— Hala Abdel Moneim, Cairo, Egypt

THANK YOU for the graceful way you’ve harnessed technology to serve women lovingly during this gathering. You’ve helped us reveal and share our beauty, strength, vitality, courage, creativity and ALIVENESS. What a prayer this is. And what a lifeline for some. Wow! How moving to feel myself to be part of a web of women from so many countries — all listening as our hearts beat faster with connection, each of us with equal access to these life-changing conversations, these moments of historic proportion!

— Dana Cunningham Anderson

Register here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge!


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