Equinox to Mid-Winter Council

6 Feb 2024 until 13 Feb 2024


Trickster Council: Dream News

Mid-Winter to Vernal Equinox


Seven Council Series on Zoom

Tuesdays | Feb 6th – March 19th

9pm eastern / 6pm pacific (1.5 hrs-ish)



and as we have done before…
for 8 people – a cool deal (1 left!)
the Council ($302)
an astro reading with Caroline
($380) in Feb/March (early booking)

for the fun price of $420


Join the Mid·Winter to Vernal Equinox Council


Still accepting councilmates until Feb 13th


After payment, scroll back down here to find the Replay Page link for our first Council from February 6th. Email eryn@coyotenetworknews.com with queries.


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