Equinoctial Tele*Coyote Mega Cahoot

23 Sep 2019

Sun enters Libra, dynamic climate action,

UAW strike…so much brewing with which to cahoot…

Trickster Training Council

opens its audio doors for all to join

in an honoring of this Equinox.

Carolingian talk, and to and fro afterwards.

September 23rd, 2019

9 pm edt



Join the Council 

(Replay available for download immediately after)


You will be asked to make a log-in for Trickster Training Council if you are new, or use your existing membership information if you have joined us in the past. (Please direct any queries to Eryn<@>Coyotenetworknews.com)



  1. Kathy Hamilton says

    Good morning Caroline: Sending blessings for your healing.

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