Epiphany Tele*Council (Free)

6 Jan 2018

Trickster as keeper of Democracy 

Epiphany Tele*Council 

Recorded Saturday, January 6th

at 10 am pacific / 1 pm eastern


Free Recording Available!

Epiphany_fn 010718

*Free-to-All partially because of muffled sound quality

due to back-stage techno-Mythic kerfuffles, and time change misprints,

and so that all may enjoy a general gathering of woof

to spiral forth Replenishing Reciprocal Blessings*


A presentation animation ritual on 12th Night,

when the goddess, a witch named la Befana

(which comes from the word Epifania) brings us presents…

So many presents, of whatever we need being so generously

proffered to us by the sky-earth story of now… Great danger.

Kairos moment where everything we do, think, feel,

weighs the balance of the Kaironic fulcrum towards Act V –

Renaissance of Reverent Cooperative Ingenuity

(or Act IV – tragedy, the continuation of the war on life)…

Some things are always true, but there are times when they are truer:

“The protoplasm of reality is especially receptive to imaginative imprint.” Now!

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