Beltane 2023

2 May 2023

Beltaine Gathering


Recorded Tuesday May 2nd at 6 pm eastern / 3 pm pacific

with Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue and Caroline W. Casey

Replay available by donation

Up to generous intuitive whim! $23 encouraged, $5 minimum requested to keep our little team woofing along backstage. (Dedicated to Venus, iterations of 5 always appreciated... Or other fun numbers, up to autonomous desire...)

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The first council in the upcoming 8 Council series:

Celtic Trickster: Plants and Planets
a journey from Beltane to Summer Solstice –
from Courtship to wedding…


Saturn quintile Uranus: Our dedication is our freedom!

Sean: “Lá Bealtaine comes when the Hawthorn blooms. This ancient Irish festival marks the beginning of the bright half of the year, when life flows from the Otherworld, calling forest and field and hedgerow into blossom. We will explore both traditional and modern ways to celebrate this season of fertility.

and full on Participatory Animism
chimes in Caroline….



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    And to anyone else experience this issue – please email and I will send it to you directly, woof!


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