Autumnal Equinox 2022 Replay

19 Sep 2022

Autumnal Equinox Council Replay


with Caroline Casey and Amikaeyla Gaston


Recorded live on Monday, September 19th at 6pm pacific / 9pm eastern

Audio Only


Donation~based, autonomy is a sacrament

suggested $23, any amount, upon intuitive whim – be welcome!

(variations on 5, sacred to Venus, be fun – $5, $14, $23, $32, $50, $122… $500!? Woof*Woof*Wanna*Play?!?)

*After completing the donation, you should be automatically re-directed to the replay page (may take a moment for the page to load). If this doesn’t happen, try to fill out this form again with 0.00, as you have already sent us replenishing monetary blessing (or not, autonomy welcome). An email should also reach you with a link to the event page (gmail users, we seem to be blocked currently – try a backup email if you have one). In the case that none of this is working as planned, email with a request for a link to the replay page. Woof!


And as a free offering to all, please enjoy this recording of Caroline & Amikaeyla at Bioneers earlier this year:

Bioneers 2022 with Caroline W. Casey & Amikaeyla Gaston


  1. Hello and Help! I signed up with a $23 donation for the 9/19 Event.
    I cannot find where I can access/download the recording of Caroline & Amikaeyla’s event.
    Woul you please send me the link or info on how I can get that??
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Pam & Christina – I’ll send you the links right now. Sorry about that! After payment, the page should automatically redirect (may take a few moments) and an email should reach you with a link back (although our emails have been going spam a lot recently). Thanks for reaching out to let us know, happy to send directly to anyone who is experiencing tech-keruffles with this replay. Reciprocal Blessings,

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