Bioneers 2022

A gift to the community at this time of Dire Beauty * Enjoy!

Performed live by Caroline W. Casey and Amikaeyla Gaston

at Bioneers Conference 2022 (Friday, May 13th)

Igor Oleynikov

Calling all those Willing to be agents of Citizen Trickster

Wonder, & Revelation in Call & Response –

Partnering with Flora Fauna

to ladle altruistic ingenuity from the cauldron of horrific cruelty.

Animism – not a belief – just good manners!

This Friday the 13th let’s declare inquisition over! (war on life seemingly relentless, yet ) Safety lies in everyone coming out – as initiated animistic science wizards, pragmatic mystics. Ally ally in come free – all that’s been falsely estranged, as a mean trick of the Reality Police, dancing back into spicy accord. Everything a dance partner. Including the virus. We gather to avail ourselves of all of our skills, expanding our repertoire of responses so as to be in cahoots with Nature’s evolutionary trickster Genius. Astro*Mythology guiding meta*narrative and the music to call in what we need to make our dedications manifest.

With Caroline Casey Visionary Activist Astrologer
story-language*crafter at Coyote Network News -the Mythological New Service for the Trickster Redeemer within us all.

26 years weaver of context for the Visionary Activist Show (Pacifica Radio), Critique and solution. Author of “Making the Gods Work for You!” Her unique art of Astro* mythological*political* guiding *meta-story-telling is presented in myriad multi-media venues.

In cahoots (for decades) with the Jubilant Amikaeyla Gaston,
whose last gig in Kyiv was giving a concert at their Palace of Fine Arts
now blown to smithereens…

So May the spirit of the Palace of Fine Arts,
find a home here now tonight…

proffering the songs of the Orishas of water, and wise leadership.

Venus magnetizes, Mars animates, and together we spiral forth into the memosphere.

She is a Cultural Ambassador for the State Department doing expansive work with political refugees, war survivors, and at-risk populations worldwide offering inter-cultural literacy and deep restorative justice work in support of transformative and peaceful solutions.