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Caroline welcomes long-time ally Micah Nilson, co-founder of Al-Kemi, market and school, creating Alchemical Medicines, derived from Paracelsus’ (and more) formulas, whereby to be in collaborative cahoots with the plant realm to heal ourselves and world.Micah: “Paracelsus believed that the healing comes from imagination, faith, and prayer. Imagination allows the vision of future wellness, faith binds the will to that path, and prayer enlivens it with devotion to a larger energy.” = Medicine for now at this wildly watery shape-shifting Kairos time.


Visionary Activist Show 3-07-2013


  1. what a delightful show! thanks!

  2. Beautiful show!!! Much gratitude to Ale-Qemi for their incredible products and Caroline as always! I could listen to this kind of talk for days! Now, time to imagine. Blessings.

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