Welcome to Psilocybin

Dark O Moon- Convening the Flora Fauna Fungi Council:

Caroline welcomes Seth Warner, author of “Welcome to Psilocybin – an easy Guide to Growing & Experiencing the Potential of Magic Mushrooms.”

Seth Warner is a community advocate in the psychedelic space based in the Bay Area. In 2018 he began his journey directing the San Francisco Psychedelic Society and by 2019 helped decriminalize psilocybin in the city of Oakland, CA. Alongside his work with these initiatives, Seth began MycoRising to teach home-scale psilocybin cultivation and has taught thousands of new growers through his workshops and “Ready? Set. Grow!” online program. MycoRising hosts weekly microdose hikes in the SF Bay area as well as other online and in-person community and consciousness building events.



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“Welcome to Psilocybin”

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