Transformation through Collapse

Moon exalted in Taurus next to Jupiter (watch tonight!) and Uranus, on their rendezvous course, proffering the possibility of necessary miracles… Calling and dedicating to, daily acts of kindness, and Beauty…

So, Caroline welcomes:

Vicki Robin, in addition to co-authoring the international best seller, “Your Money or Your Life”, has been a serial social innovator, co-creating the Conversation Cafes, organizing her community for resilience in this time of unraveling, hosting the podcast  What Could Possibly Go Right? and now writing poetry and essays about coming of aging, the possibility for liberation as we lose who we thought we were. Find her at and her new substack,


How then shall we live

The world is in flames
I am not burning
Systems are collapsing
I have never been more whole
Our people are polarized
There’s never been so much room in my heart
We are shaking in our boots
I root deeper
We don’t resist collapse out there
We let it transform us
Even in grief, rage, and the next good idea.

-Vicki Robin


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“Transformation through Collapse”

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