Replay: The Origin of Life is Community!

Dr. Bruce Damer with 3.5 billion year old stromatolites studied while researching the origin of life, Western Australia.

Originally aired as “Pragmatic Mysticism & ‘Forward Planning'” October 8, 2019 


Caroline hosts guest wizard Dr. Bruce Damer, multi-disciplinary scientist, designer, author, storyteller, archivist, artist, NASA entheo astronomer. (And Organizational Pragmatic Mystic Muse, Hanna!)

Dr. Bruce works collaboratively with colleagues in developing and testing a new model for the origin of life on Earth (Terrestrial Origin of Life Hypothesis); in the design of spacecraft architectures; in curating archives of counterculture figures Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, and others (online: Psychedelia); and performs as a storyteller under the moniker science + vision = hope “covering topics ranging through science, space, deep evolutionary history, questions of origins, and the meaning and future of the human enterprise”

…convening in DC to cahoot with generals and such, to completely re-design the military,
with Mars in Libra square Pluto, from destruction distraction to Venusian restoring humans cooperative harmony.

Let’s support this Trickster against all odds desirable, therefore possible, Vision.


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“Replay: The Origin of Life is Community!”

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