The Land in Our Bones

Dark o Moon – before March 10th New Moon and Ramadan… Land Sovereignty….


Weaving guiding myth with Fund Drive show, honoring The Land in Our Bones: Plantcestral Herbalism and Healing Cultures from Syria to the Sinai by Layla K Feghali…


also learning about, and dedicating to composting, the planned illegal sale of West Bank property in NJ and NY  synagogues…


In The Land in Our Bones, Lebanese ethnobotanist, sovereignty steward, and cultural worker Layla K Feghali offers a layered history of the healing plants of Cana’an (the Levant) and the Crossroads (“Middle East”) and explores ways we become free from the wounds of colonization and displacement. Recounting vivid stories, Feghali shares lineages of folk healing and eco-cultural stewardship — including those passed down by matriarchs, plants and practices of prenatal and postpartum care, mystical traditions for spiritual healing, earth-based practices for emotional wellness, plant tending for bioregional regeneration, medicinal plants and herbal protocols, cultural remedies and recipes, and more.


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“The Land in Our Bones”

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