Telepathic Radio Cahoot

Visionary Activist Show – not – today, as I am in Chicago at the United Astrology Congress, a hoot of a gathering
(and KPFA will take the opportunity to Fund Drive).

However, am inviting all to telepathically cahoot, in-time, out of time, as at the usual time of our convening I will be beginning 4th hour of (1-5 pm cdt) of Trickster’s Astro Mystery School Renaissance Council. As Stella Coyote and I chant across worlds, betwixt the living and the beloved dead: “Long before there were humans – there was Trickster, who with a bolt of sizzling lightning sets the whole shebang going, sizzles through time and space, through flora and fauna, into each one of our psyches, awaiting invitational animation – now! Journeying through inquisitions and imprisoning orthodoxies, it has become an ingenious escapade artist.” So in this Council we honor and cultivate each planet, that we may be its liberating agent in the collective…. at this hour we shall aspire to cahoot with the “alam al-mithral,” the back stage collective dream world….. 

The Visionary Activist Show will return to it’s regularly scheduled time next week!

Enjoy something from our Radio Archives today.

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