Symbiotic Mutualism (Mushrooms and Bees)


Symbiotic Mutualism (Mushrooms and Bees):

May we Humans be humbled by biological intelligence, into cooperating with Flora Fauna Fungi! with Paul Stamets,”Mycologist, Author, Inventor, Teacher, Earthling.”

Caroline presents clips of Paul Stamets’ address at the August 21st, 2017 Symbiosis Eclipse Festival… Paul’s first public media woof was on the Visionary Activist Show…in pre-history…

Stamets plays a significant part in the 2019 documentary film Fantastic Fungi, and edited the film’s official companion book, Fantastic Fungi: Expanding Consciousness, Alternative Healing, Environmental Impact.

The character Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on the CBS series Star Trek: Discovery was named after the real Stamets. The fictional version is an astromycologist and engineer aboard the USS Discovery, and is credited with discovering how to navigate a mycelial network in space using a “spore drive.”


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“Symbiotic Mutualism (Mushrooms and Bees)”

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