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Caroline welcomes the return of Max Dashu, that we may partner with everything to compost the war on life — as nutrient to grow a culture of sane, reverent ingenuity, “a wonderful life for the children of all species.”

“Max founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in January of 1970 to document women’s history and heritages around the world and throughout time. Teaching with images is her way of making women visible across time and space. Her approach looks at historical dynamics that developed systems of oppression based on sex, race, class; the intertwining of these structural oppressions; and liberation movements to overthrow them.”


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The Suppressed Histories Archives is celebrating 50 years of making global women’s history visible, in all its richness and complexity. 

I will be showing the most inspiring images that you’ve never seen before, on Saturday, Feb. 29, 7-9:30 pm, at Cobiz, 1503 A MacDonald Ave, in Richmond, CA. This event is wheel chair accessible, scent-free and next door to Richmond BART. For more information, call 510-654-9298.

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