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Neptune, Mosaïque d’Hadrumète (Sousse) mid-3rd c CE

Bodhisattva Coyote presents

Sufi Aikido Celtic Voodoo Radio,

on Mid-Summers Night Eve…

Solo Show


Ah Neptune – was ghosted by scheduled guest ally (inadvertently. He thought next day.)

And 10,000 blessings waft around him, & his quintessential message.

So, gods wanted improv Solstice Show, & by Jimminy, that’s what they got.

Once again, we be tricked into the perfect thing.

Many reported loving this show.

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Our scheduled guest, future cahooting to happen at perfect time:

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Caroline welcomes the 3rd cahoot with Terence Ward, who grew up in Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. He is author of “The Wahhabi Code: How the Saudis Spread Extremism Globally,” which exposes the birth of the Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia, its global mission to convert mainstream Sunni Islam, and the risks this poses for the world (Arcade Publishing, 2018).

May informed narrative liberating eloquence be an antidote to tyrannical bamboozlement, that we may re-enter Arcadia on this Summer Solstice Eve.

Terence serves as an international trustee of World Conference of Religions for Peace—the largest interfaith organization in the world. Heis a member of ISMEO (Associazione Internazionale di Studi sul Mediterraneo e l’Oriente) the prestigious Middle Eastern institute based in Rome and on the advisory board of The Markaz (formerly the Levantine Center) in Los Angeles which embraces all Middle Eastern cultures.

Arcadia (Greek: Ἀρκαδία) was a region in the central Peloponnese. It took its name from the mythological character Arcas and in Greek mythology, it was the home of the god Pan. In European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness; as such, it was referenced in popular culture. (wikipedia)

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