Speaking with Shahid Buttar

Caroline welcomes Shahid Buttar, running for California’s 12th Congressional District (currently held by Nancy Pelosi.)
“Since graduating from Stanford Law School in 2003, Shahid has worked in both San Francisco and Washington as a legal advocate, a non-profit leader, a grassroots organizer, and a poet & musician. His wide-ranging work reflects a commitment to intersectional feminism, democratic socialism, and international human rights. His passions have long aligned around a common purpose: building the movement to place human rights and human needs like peace and climate justice before corporate profits.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shahidforchange
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shahidforchange/

Article from The Intercept: Nancy Pelosi to Receive First Genuine Left-Wing Challenge in 30 Years

In accord with KPFA/KPFK protocol, have extended invitation to Nancy Pelosi to be guest on future Thursday.

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“Speaking with Shahid Buttar”

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