Salam-Shalom! “Peace is not the absence of war – but the presence of One!” sayeth Deborah Felmeth, whom Caroline welcomes as her guest today. Deborah files scouting reports of Defiant Joy, having returned from 3 months in Syria, her beloved home. She is the author of the beautiful book of her photographs: “Syria-Remember Me”

“The visual images of turmoil in Syria are all too evident in today’s mass media as news and political machinations instill a culture of fear, wittingly or unwittingly—and shockingly few images of the cultural diversity, history, and beauty of the Syrian people can be found.

     Here then is an opportunity to look, to learn, and to appreciate another side of Syria through the lens of simple photographs and daily living. The Syrian people shared with me abundant generosity and hospitality; they also showed me boundless dignity, simplicity, honor, and acceptance. Within the pages of this book, let us make a conscious attempt to witness the Syrian people themselves: just look.”

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