Replay: Sufi Aikido!

Caroline is away brewing more Trickster Medicine for us all,
So here be a worthy replay from June 6th with Terrence Ward, on “the Wahhabi Code”
and she wishes she hadn’t talked so much, more to & fro is future dedication…, and asks for our kind forbearance, because the content is way worthy for us now.

photo: World Affairs Council

We welcome the return of Terence Ward, part two, in conversing manner, whose splendid book, The Wahhabi Code, is the anti-dote… to the toxic tyranny of Wahhabism, and the liberating Medicine of Sufism..

Terence Ward grew up in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt, then on to Berkeley, cross-cultural consultant, and pollinating agent, that we may feel our kinship with the beauty of Islam…

as Terence writes, “Few Westerners know that for 1,000 years up until 1924, Mecca was a center for Sufi ecstatic prayer, dance, music tolerant honoring of the Divine in all beings…”

Anything that’s anywhere is everywhere…tyranny and its beautiful anti-dote…

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“Sufi Aikido!”

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