Replay: Entheo Endogenous Indigenous Medicine 

Techinical kerfuffles backstage caused the incorrect show to be played – last week’s show with Jim Rough was replayed, that can be found below:

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“Replay: Wake up & Dream!”

And here is the radio that should have been….

Today we re-play my conversing with Dr. Joe Tarfur,
whom I have now met in person, (a seriously playful being) and conversed more deeply, re the role of plant entheogens, particularly ayahuasca in navigating our personal and collective Underworld.. to make sure we have a round trip ticket… So we think of this radio show as part one… Ensuing public conversations will be ever deeper and more playful…


And animating vetting standards at a time when we are awash in faux “shamans,” and sketchy alleged “rituals.”
Perfect for now as Mars, exalted in Capricorn, exactly conjoins Pluto…. (and squares my Sun, Neptune, woo-hooo) more to report in ensuing weeks, and with next week’s guest Michael Meade.

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“Entheo Endogenous”

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Originally aired March 1, 2018: Full Moon Entheo Endogenous Indigenous Medicine 

Dr. Joe Tafur’s Website:
The Fellowship of the River (Book)

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