Prop 37: Mending the Fabric of Life

Charlotte SilverCarolyn Raffensperger(John O’Donohue: “When the ghost of loss stands behind you…then may the ancestors place a cloak around you shoulders that will mend your life.”)
Query to molecular biologists on previous show:”Might cutting DNA be likened to cutting our connection to our ancestral guiding story?” to which the scientists responded “just so ”
So 4 cool women gliding into place on behalf of food and life, mending the torn fabric of creation…. Caroline hosts Charlotte Silver, journalist based in San Francisco and the West Bank, Palestine; Carolyn Raffensperger, and Janet Brown from All Star Organics



  1. Randy Bauer says:

    Hello Caroline,

    I listened to you 11,18 show on KPFA, who was the artist that sang “In the cool of the day” Jenny Bluesteen?

    Thank You

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