Positive Intrigue

Positive Intrigue, that sane reverence assume cultural narrative lead- now: Caroline hosts Kirkpatrick Sale, whose once room-mate, Richard Farina, exhorts, “Take the zircon to Foppa, and tell him we move tonight!”

via ally David Kupfer: “Kirkpatrick Sale has been one of the more intrepid, prescient members of the environmental community since the 1960’s. This independent scholar, author, and technology critic, a once self-proclaimed neo-Luddite who now uses a computer to write and the internet to do research… The unstated goal of his 50-year activist-oriented writing career seems rather clear: influence people, the public’s psychology, and steer the sentiment of industrial society, toward a saner, more sustaining future. an elder visionary and Deep Ecology wise guy who never ceases to challenge our thinking.”

Kirkpatrick Sale, who lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, is the author of fourteen books over 50 years, including The Collapse of 2020, just published.



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