Ongoing Metaphysics of Whistleblowing

Photo: Cliff Owen/AP

Our Valentine: Ongoing Metaphysics of whistleblowing, Caroline welcomes the return of John Kiriakou, CIA whistleblower who has journeyed through the Underworld – to emerge as liberating citizen trickster, with language craft!
What are Underworld skills do we need? that we may dispel the distracting bamboozlements, and align with rising tide of sane reverent ingenuity.


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“Wake up and Dream!”

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  1. Hello, In DC, I experienced CWC a few daze (sic) ago. Now I am trying to get to her earliest KPFA post. But this not easy, so I settled fro Feb 14, 2019. Not finding how I can do that. Further, this message board quickly dissolves words, so I am repeatedly re-typing. Please inform, how I can play her KPFA.

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