New Moon Radio: Sacred Psychiatry

New Moon Radio: Caroline welcomes, fellow Sun Libra, Moon Virgo, Dr. Judy Tsafrir,  psychiatrist-astrologer, author of
(the forth-coming 1.24)
“Sacred Psychiatry: Bridging the Personal and Transpersonal to Transform Health and Consciousness.”


CWC: We be crafting our alchemical vessels, in which we shall then set sail into the wild seas of unfurling now ..New Moon 21+Virgo, a degree of connecting with our lineage to bring alive through fresh expression (we pack in out craft)
…for the personal/collective guiding most fortuitous for now, as Mercury, Hermes, Legba stations – direct the next day …Legba -open the way for us all!


A board certified, conventionally trained adult and child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, a Harvard Medical School faculty member, with a private practice of holistic adult and child psychiatry, Judy Tsafrira has a deep curiosity about development and healing, and an open mind about trying diverse approaches to help patients. Dr. Tsafrir is trained in a variety of energetic approaches including Body Intuitive, Reiki, Astrology, the Tarot and Shamanism. She believes that healing occurs through the integration of heart, mind, body and spirit. “It is only through healing ourselves, can we most effectively contribute to healing the planet.”



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“New Moon Radio: Sacred Psychiatry”

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