Metabolizing Poison into Nutrient for Democracy


Caroline hosts Stephen Kinzer, author of the ever more crucial “All the Shah’s Men – an American Coup & the Roots of M.E Terror (with a “new” preface, written in 2008! “The Folly of Attacking Iran.”) – and his latest book “Poisoner in Chief, Sydney Gottlieb & the CIA Search for Mind Control.” Super pertinent to us all. From inspiring the CIA poisoner Empress Agrippa (used mushrooms) to the attempt to use “Magic Mushrooms” as a weapon, assassination of Ukrainian diplomats Manchurian Candidate, Svengali, Mesmerism, Cabinet of Dr Caligari, “Gaslight”- CIA’s secret dedication to mass mind control… Study up -everyone!


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“Metabolizing Poison into Nutrient for Democracy”

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