Listening to Ayahuasca

Caroline emerges from mega-entheo-eclipse festival to host the sacrament Ayahuasca, and one of Grandmother Ayahuasca’s voices, Dr. Rachel Harris, author of “Listening to Ayahuasca – new hope for depression, addiction, ptsd, anxiety;” that our rogue species may be guided to return to conscious kinship.


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Listening to Ayahuasca


  1. Morgaine Hamouris Ph.d says

    Dear Caroline, I loved today’s talk with Rachel Harris. Thirty years ago I too was doing the kind of work Rachel is now doing, except that my “dangerous mythological assignment” took me down a darker road.As a trained psychotherapist/shaman I sat for a client while he went through a “medicine journey”. Long story short, he died in my arms. I wrote a book about my experience and I would like you to read it before we start our class on Sept.12th.. I’ve done 30yrs of intense spiritual practices, hard life, low income ,,lost license to practice as a therapist, shunned by my profession ,and less than a year after my client died, my 18yr. old son died in heart surgery( no transplants then). I wrote a book and self published my experiences. It’s an ebook on Amazon and I’d like you to read it.The few people who have read it have all said it is a moving unusual story.As I hear you often say,”Better a trickster than a martyr be”. I want my time with you in our class to re-spark the trickster in me and there are very few people in the world I can see doing that besides you. My book is titled ” Tears of Fire” A woman’s account of a journey through the underworld. I apologize for not having a personal reading with you first but I can only afford the class or the reading and I’m much more interested in the evolution of life on earth than my personal ‘story’. Namaste, Morgaine Hamouris Ph.d P.S. Like Terrance McKenna, I too have seen the elves!

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