Let Magic Rise


Pat EwingIf fascism arises in the absence of magic – then – Let Magic Rise!

Caroline welcomes political-spiritual-cultural strategist Pat Ewing, that we may be un-snookerable, agents of spiraling out of polarity (because the dementors feed on opposition, rage, conflict…) And If all war is a failure of imagination – then – all dynamic peace is a triumph of Imagination…

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“Let Magic Rise”

Note – KPFA encountered some difficulties today and our broadcast was cut 15 minutes short. **Sound quality is also rough on this episode… we are working to address this issue asap.

Thank you for working with us through this kerfuffle!

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(note: scheduled guest David Kay Johnston has moved to an August show due to an event that arose)


  1. Gypsy Scholar says

    Too bad the “technical difficulties” were such that not only did we miss the first 1/4 hour of the conversation between Caroline and her guest (the always wonderful) Pat Ewing but also (because reduced to talking into cellphone) it was oftentimes hard to make out her words. (So guess it might take a careful re-listening to the archived show.)

    What’s going on I wonder? This is (what?) the 2nd time in two (or is it three?) weeks that the Visionary Activist show has gotten off to a bad start! Well, I guess, with radio shows one has to expect these technical malfunctions from time to time and (like Caroline patiently did in the mist of it all) make the best of it–right?

    So what gives? Maybe it’s just that there’s some particularly intensely disruptive but unrecognized Mercury-retro energy somewhere messing with the radio bandwidth (at the precise hour of the VA show!).

    Yet wait!… (call me “a spreader of crazy conspiracy theory,” if you must): But how do we know that this isn’t exactly the kind of black Chaos Magick that Caroline’s former guest, Gary Lachman (whose book, *Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump*, she seems to now mention in every succeeding show –as she did today–, and how these Alt/Right-wing Chaos Magicians operate ) writes a warning about??? (The blurb on his book: “Within the concentric circles of Trump’s regime lies an unseen culture of occultists, power-seekers, and mind-magicians whose influence is on the rise.”) “Prrreeety scary, huh kids!?” 😉

    OMG-dess, good (leftist) earth-magicians of the New Age, take heed! From now on you must form a circle of Venus-Mercury protection before the start of every Visionary Activist show!

    (Yet, for myself personally, as far as chants of protection–and righteous action–from the Trumpocracy Cult go, in our spiritual “New Age” I have for a long time now always preferred the following magic *encouragement* chant from poet-visionary-revolutionary, William Blake. Oh my, pleeease forgive me for “taking sides”—the side of the “Mental Fight”!!!—against “literalism” of all kinds.)

    “Art Degraded, Imagination Denied, War Governed the Nations.
    The Arts & Sciences [of Imagination] are the Destruction of Tyrannies or Bad Governments.
    Rouze Up, Oh Young Men [and Women] of the New Age! Set your foreheads against the ignorant Hirelings! For we have Hirelings in the Camp, the Court, & the University, who would, if they could, forever depress Mental & prolong Corporeal War.”

    PS: Taking about truly “insane” conspiracy theory, thanks to Pat Ewing for courageously pointing out for the “team” the Alt-Right conspiracy-theory-of-the-week chain of command in the Trumpocracy of the “Dementors of Doom.” I’m particularly glad about this because I’ve been trying to spread the word for over a year now that it’s not just Trump getting his “Fake News” and “Witch Hunt” conspiracy theories from Fox News–to wit, behind these Dement(or)ed Clowns of far-Right tv news is none other than the certifiably insane (the turning red, eyes wild, and foaming at the mouth kind) conspiracy monger of our time, Alex Jones! (E.g., Where do you think the “Deep-state”or the “child-actors” of children torn from immigrant parents wacko conspiracy theories originate? The “fact” is that Trump is good buddies with Alex Jones and praises him to his (“paleo-conservative”) face (pre-president Trump was on his radio show, Info Wars)! The very same “secret society conspiracy” monger who made his name in the field and whose solid alignment with the far-Christian Right (a la Rev. Tex Marrs) means that all “new age occultists/magicians/astrologers (etc.) are the “satanic” archenemy of our times. Did you know?

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