Honoring Stephen Buhner

Stephen Buhner

Honoring Stephen Buhner, practicing botanical animist, polymath, who went back-stage, December 8th,

and re-guesting Stephen’s herbal bardic colleague, Sean Padraic O’Donoghue
that we may embrace the assignment Stephen be handing to us…playing excerpts from 2 shows with Stephen (included in our premium audio collection…) and touting his fantabulous book, “Plant Intelligence & the Imaginal Realms.” (also offered as premia….)


About Stephen Buhner

“I am an interdisciplinary, independent scholar, polymath, autodidact, Fellow of Schumacher College UK and have been head researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies for the past thirty years (gaianstudies.org).”

to cross-correlate insights from multiple and widely divergent fields into usable knowledge that can address some of the problems we face as a species,

“I am and always have been interested in the invisibles of life, those meanings and communications that touch us from the heart of Earth and let us know that we are surrounded by more intelligence, mystery, and caring than our American culture admits of; how to re-inhabit our interbeing with the world; how to sit in the council of all life as kin rather than dominators; and how to live sustainably on this Earth that I love more than I know how to say.”


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