Guiding Culture to Sane Reverence

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when Communitarians gather to guide culture to ingenious sane reverence,
Caroline welcomes, ally Jamie Yeager.

Jamie Yeager, “a lifelong Texas liberal, was press secretary for Senator Eugene McCarthy’s independent presidential campaign in 1976, and is now battling the modern Confederates.” Yeager wrote Washington politics articles for the Texas Observer, the Progressive Populist and the Minority Business Report.


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  1. We’ve all noticed that little ever changes no matter who is elected in this money dominated political system in which there are no good guys. Good guys are not allowed, if you haven’t noticed and money makes sure they are not elected. The change we need is much bigger than an election all of which have been manipulated one way or another by both parties. This is why Greens call it a duopoly. Our fraudulent elections were exposed by the Collier Brothers investigation that began in the 70s and ended with their book Vote Scam published in 1993. They followed the votes until the disappeared behind the security forces of the mass media corporations.
    The purpose of our government is articulated in the first sentence of the Constitution, and it gave government the tools to fulfil its mandate. It has never done so because in the post revolution power struggle between Jefferson the farmer who wanted government to issue the money debt free as the colonies had done, coping to an agriculture based economy and which had delivered such prosperity, and Hamilton the banker who wanted an industrialized society with the money system modeled after the Bank of England, who we had just been at war with, where the nation’s money would be borrowed at interest from the wealthy investors of a national bank. That was the end of democracy in this nation because money is the governing factor, it is what the revolution was fought over, not taxes, and that established an oligarchy.
    It is very simple, any nation that does not issue the money is controlled by those who do. JK Galbraith noted that “The problem of the modern economy is not a failure of a knowledge of economics; it’s a failure of a knowledge of history.” It is the monetary history that he is referring to which is the story of power. A nation, for instance, that must ask the wealthy and powerful if it can have a healthcare system, and is denied one, cannot be called a democracy. Those who control the money control public policy.
    From 2009 to 2014, the 200 most politically active companies in the U.S., all controlled by the banks, spent $5.8 billion influencing our government with lobbying and campaign contributions. Those same companies got $4.4 trillion in taxpayer support – a 758% return on their investment. They have bipartisan support. In fact, the banks learned long ago, as far back as the 1600s, that by far their most profitable investments were in governments. Using war debt, the banks gradually got governments to give them control of their monetary systems, giving up their sovereignty. They set up a central bank for each country as a management interface between government and the banking system for management purposes. The wars are all banker’s wars, have been for a long time. When you control a government you can manipulate it into war, very profitable for the banks and their investors.
    Well, I could go on for many pages telling stories of power and money and how our political system is rigged. I wish you would have someone on your show that is knowledgeable about this history. You are in California so how about inviting Carol Brouillet on the talk about the monetary system? I guarantee it would not be boring, and we have even touched on the psychological consequences for society in allowing a monetary system that is institutionalized usury, the abuse of monetary authority for personal gain.
    111 years ago the the Pujo Committee drew a diagram of the ownership network showing JP Morgan Co at the center, controlling every industry in the nation. However, as Rockefeller said at Morgan’s funeral, “He controlled us all and yet he wasn’t even that rich.” Turns out, JP Morgan was an agent of the Rothschild banking house. Today it is Blackrock/Vanguard at the top with the BIS being the central bank of the central banks, a global banking system designed for control purposes.
    Eighty-Four years ago, in the face the Great Depression caused by a wide range of abusive practices by the Fed banks, the world’s communities of ‘Economists’ considered the proposal of Dr. Irving Fisher, Dr. Paul Douglas and several other eminent economists. It was inspired by the work of Frederick Soddy, the father of Ecological Economics, to reform the money system along the lines we now propose. The proposal was supported by some 400 economists, world-around, to restructure our money system from one of private issue and gain to that of public issue and public gain. The legislation to do this is already written and was introduced in 2011 as the NEED Act but continues to be ignored.
    If we are really about challenging power on behalf of democracy we have to challenge the money system, which BTW is capital-ism, money-system.

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