Fueling the Desirable Vision

Caroline with David Blume

Caroline and David Blume (c. 2015)

Whatever is most needed now radio magic,

Fossil fuels – fuel the war on life – we have ingenious solutions.

And now more than ever-strategic incentive.

We welcome the return of Biofuel renewable energy Guide David Blume, a leading proponent for changing our fuel system for the last four decades, and permaculture wizard ally.

“Blume’s book explains how we can end our dependence on toxic, fossil fuels …we already produce a high-performance, low-cost, near zero emission alcohol-based fuel that does replace gasoline and diesel.”

David Blume is a researcher, author, farmer and alcohol fuel pioneer. He first began to work on the puzzle of how to broadly disseminate the means of producing ethanol efficiently and on the smaller scale in the 1970s while also teaching ecology and permaculture.  After working as a consultant for NASA, designing curriculum for Mother Earth News and collaborating with thought leaders such as R. Buckminster Fuller, he produced a commercial scale system in time for the second Arab oil embargo. He majored in Ecological Biology and Biosystematics at San Francisco State University while doing volunteer fieldwork with a number of non-profits like the Point Reyes Bird Observatory.




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