Finding Freedom Under Limitation

Visionary Activist Show Equinox! Finding Freedom Under Limitation

Caroline once again hosts, Susan Shannon, that we be finding freedom by cooperating with limitations, at this Big Spooky Opportune Time. Look! fish in Venice canals!

Susan Shannon, M. a Buddhist Prison Ministry Chaplain, pragmatic mystic, poet, dharma, lover, mentor, mentoree, earth and animal steward, and devotee of the heart, interfaith minister and chaplain…. Susan has been a student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for over 45 years, studying with many of Tibet’s greatest teachers here in the United States and abroad.


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“Finding Freedom Under Limitation”

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  1. hi Caroline, greetings…I live in central London UK – You support me – We’re going to measure a tree on Tuesday morning in Battersea Parks Rose’s so beautiful there and maintained by a cool bunch of people. On Tuesday’s there’s usually a Kids group (human kids that is) so I’m planning to spontaneously get them involved in the tree measuring.. The Tree has a huge girth, I never noticed it before just standing there, hiding in plain sight… This is a reminder of how to find the approximate age of a living tree a tree according to Jacqueline Memory Patersons book Tree Wisdom – measure its girth at about 5 feet (1 1/2 metres) from the ground and allow 1 year for each inch (2 1/2cms) of girth! Making the Gods Work for you inspires me – I did do a version of the Making a wand exercise you did with kids…you wrote about tn the book i did it in the woods in East France… You wrote that the saddest of the baddest kid, without ever reading about it – he intuited the mythological story of the Eagle above and the snake below – i love that story, it blows me away every time and I love to tell the story of your book with the story inside it. So i want to make wands with the Battersea Park kits… Im rambling free right now … thank you thank you for your GREAT AND INSPIRING WORK YO! PEACE OUT WITH FUN!

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