Esoteric America!

Laura and Dr. Bob inside the head of Lady Liberty

Caroline rejoices at the return of Laura Cortner and DR. Bob Hieronimus, among her favorite deep esoteric scholars and agents of liberating cultural High Jinx, authors of “The Secret Life of Lady Liberty – Goddess in the New World.” As we delve into the desirable destiny of America, via The Great Seal, Lady Liberty – and more! (As we continue to apologize to the world and all beings with whom we share this earth.)

New Liberty Sightings Gallery from Laura and Dr. Bob

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Esoteric America!



  1. Frances Goff says:

    After 31 blissful minutes, my Webroot kicked in and said the site was malicious; “Harumph!” I said to myself; is someone who’s afraid of pyramids messing with y’all or something? I’ll try it in the KPFA archive tomorrow. Awoooo.

  2. Prayers to Lui Xiaobo, his wife , family and friends. My chinese Brother just sent the news of his passing Willthe US ever let Leonard Peltier out? Before he dies in prison? Prayers to his people as well.
    Choose love,

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